Welcome to Chrono Games! I Chrono(Kopf) am the creator of this great world! I have worked for years to build this world. Chrono(A.K.A Kopf) created this is a place as a place where all people can come and play games, since the other 'normal' world is always either boring or very expensive :D. For seven years I have pured my energy and time into the creation of this world. Luckily I had already created a new demension called The 5th Demension where all people could come and learn about games 'n such, so using that demension as a base, I created a parralel demension here, for CHRONO GAMES!
The world is fairly simple, and consists of three places so far. The city of Nameless, a moderate sized city based on trade and it's wood production is this demension's main city. Nameless has many smaller games that allow you to earn the special currency of this demension, known as Gil. A tower a few miles west of this city, called the Nameless Tower, holds the bigger games, in which you can earn GP, by paying Gil to play those games. GP is a higher form of Money accepted only in Chrono City, a city of elite friends of Chrono, that currently noone except those people can get to.... The whole population of this Chrono Games Demension is about 100,000 Non-Player Characters, who run the games and keep the people of this demension fed.
-Have Fun
Chrono Kopf
Nameless City 
Nameless Tower 
Chrono City 

The 5th Demension 

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